What sets us apart?

Personalized orthodontic treatment

Like most areas of healthcare, orthodontics is ever-changing. The changes benefit patients in terms of better treatments, quicker outcomes, and less time out of the patient’s lives dedicated to the process.

We are able to provide these benefits by leveraging the latest technology in the areas of patient communication, diagnosis, and treatments.


  • Virtual consultations – Consultations via online platforms allow for treatment presentations and financial discussions to be conducted without the need for an in-person appointment. Treatment can be discussed without patients or parents having to leave the home or work and allows for multiple parties to be present from different locations.
  • Patient scheduling, reminders, and financial correspondence via patient’s preferred communication method.
  • VO Education Library – We have produced a library of short videos that serve as a reference for patients during orthodontic treatment. These videos cover everything from before your first visit to after treatment is concluded. The videos are meant to be an extension of office to better inform and educate patients.


  • Digital records – All diagnosis begins with information gathering. Digital advances have made this process more precise now than ever. Where traditionally orthodontic records were film x-rays and messy impressions, in our office the process is completely digital. A fear that patients have is that they will gag during an impression. Digital scanning eliminates the need for goopy impressions while at the same time providing a more accurate record.
  • Digital diagnosis – Once the information is collected software is used to customize an orthodontic treatment plan with either brackets or clear aligners. Planning software allows for ideal case setups using predictive modeling for hyper-accurate bracket placement, 3D printed bracket design, or clear aligner fabrication.


Once the treatment plan has been developed, we take these case setups and employ them in our treatments. If brackets are used, we 3D print a customized bracket placement tray to precisely position the brackets on the teeth. This process is quicker than the traditional hand placement of the brackets and ensures accurate bracket placement. This accuracy means more efficient tooth movement, less bracket breakage, and shorter treatment times. If clear aligners are the treatment prescribed, then after the software setup is complete, we 3D print models for aligner fabrication.

Why orthodontics and why from an orthodontist?

Why orthodontics?

Orthodontics can improve the esthetics of the smile, the health of the teeth, and the functionality of the bite.

Why do people do it?

The biggest motivating factor behind patients choosing to start orthodontic treatment is to improve the smile. Esthetics alone are an important reason to choose to become an orthodontic patient.

Looks are great, but are there any health benefits?

Improving the alignment of the teeth can make oral hygiene easier and place the teeth in positions that promote healthy gums. Bite improvement can promote health function, protect teeth from wear, and eliminate future jaw joint issues.

I see the benefits, but isn’t orthodontic treatment uncomfortable?

There has never been a better time to become an orthodontic patient. New technologies have allowed for customized treatments designed to make the process more comfortable and efficient. Treatments are personalized at our office. No one size fits all approach. Whether it is digital impressions (no more goopy molds), 3D printed braces placement or customized aligner treatment, we aim to make the process as easy and as comfortable as possible.

There seem to be lots of options for getting orthodontics including my general dentist or one of those companies on T.V. that ship the trays to your house. Why come to an orthodontist?

  • An orthodontist is the best person to deliver orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthodontists are dental specialists that first become dentists prior to continuing their training to become orthodontists.
  • Orthodontic residency programs are extremely competitive and only select the top graduates from dental school classes for admission.
  • Some orthodontists even go a step further and pursue a master’s degree in dentistry (MSD) during their residencies.
  • Orthodontic programs train residents to be experts in the field and to provide the best care orthodontic care possible.
  • If you are considering orthodontic treatment, it should be with an orthodontist.
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