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At Varble Orthodontics, we offer treatments that are appropriate for kids. Treatment for young kids is known as interceptive treatment. Interceptive treatment is perfect for children who have a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth, known as the “mixed dentition” stage. Early evaluation appointments can help identify interceptive treatment and develop a timeline for full orthodontic treatment. 

Interceptive treatment can:

  • Prevent abnormal growth and development
  • Promote proper future adult tooth eruption
  • Improve aesthetics to promote self-confidence
  • Move teeth to positions that make them less susceptible to injury

Interceptive treatment typically lasts 6-12 months and focuses on moving specific problem teeth. After their interceptive treatment is over, we will continue to monitor their growth and development as part of our observation program. Once your child has all of their adult teeth, Dr. Varble will reevaluate them to see if they need additional treatment. Interceptive treatment makes additional treatment easier, shorter and more predictable.

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Interceptive Treatment for Kids

Expander Treatment

Expanders are one of the most common early orthodontic treatments for kids. An expander is an orthodontic appliance that focuses on opening the upper jaw and widening the roof of the mouth. Expanders can help with crowded teeth and narrow bites by providing more room in your child’s mouth.  This can even help create room for future teeth and limit future orthodontic treatment. 

Limited Braces

Another interceptive treatment your child may benefit from is limited braces. Limited braces are used on a single tooth or a group of teeth. Just like the expander, limited braces are proactive and address significant problems early before they become bigger problems. Limited braces and expanders are often used together in interceptive treatment.

Braces for Kids - Varble Orthodontics - Creve Coeur & St. Charles MO
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Stop the Guessing Game with our Braces for Kids FAQ’s

Yes! Children with mixed dentition (baby and adult teeth) are eligible for braces with interceptive treatment.

All treatment plans are different, but interceptive treatment for kids usually lasts six to 12 months.

During treatment, keep foods like popcorn and sticky candy away from your children. Cut up tough foods like apples and carrots for them.

Remind your child to brush after every meal and encourage flossing. Make sure they are brushing well, getting ride of all food particles and flossing often.

It is possible your child may need more orthodontic treatment after they have all of their adult teeth. After their early treatment, Dr. Varble will continue to monitor their growth and development to determine if further treatment is necessary. 

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