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Retainers: What to Expect

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What to Expect With Your Retainer

Did you just get your braces taken off? If so, congratulations! We are so excited for you! You’re probably aware that after you finish braces or aligners, the next stop in your orthodontic treatment is a retainer. Retainers are a crucial part of orthodontic treatment because they ensure your teeth maintain their new, ideal position and prevent any shifting.

After we remove your braces or clear aligners, our team will take a scan of your new smile to create a retainer custom-made to your teeth. Retainers are crucial for ensuring that your teeth stay in their ideal position after completing orthodontic treatment. If you don’t wear your retainers, your teeth are likely to move, which may require further orthodontic treatment to recover their positions. Please use this FAQ page to provide you with all the information you need to keep your new smile healthy and beautiful for years to come!

About Your Retainer

How to Care for Your Retainer at Home

Frequently Asked Questions About Retainers

Retainers are removable appliances provided after your orthodontic treatment is complete to maintain tooth positions.

Retainers are necessary because they ensure your teeth stay in the ideal position after you finish your orthodontic treatment.

If you don’t wear your retainers, your teeth will start to shift back into their original position, undoing all the work of your orthodontic treatment.

If your teeth do move, orthodontic treatment may be required to recover tooth positions.

Retainers prescription:

  • 1 month of full-time wear – all the time except when eating or drinking anything but water. Brush teeth and retainers after eating prior to placing them back in the mouth.
  • After one-month, retainers are to be worn every night while sleeping (8 hours) for 1 year. Clean retainers in the morning upon waking.

Clean retainers with cool water and toothbrush and toothpaste.

Brush with Prevident toothpaste at night prior to going to sleep. Brush for 2 min, spit but do not rinse, place aligners and go to sleep. This process provides extra protection for the teeth.
Whenever you aren’t wearing your retainers, you should keep them in the retainer case we provide.

If you misplace or break your retainer, call the office as soon as possible to see about remaking/repairing the retainer.

You will need to wear your retainer consistently for a full year. After that year, we will assess your need for further wear. While you are welcome to continue wearing the retainer every night, most patients transition to 3 nights a week throughout teenage years. Adults patients are usually required to wear retainers more frequently.

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