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Invisalign to Fit Your Teens Lifestyle

Clear, Comfortable and Cool.

Between school, sports, extracurriculars, and fitting in with friends, teenagers have a lot on their plate. Varble Orthodontics provides an alternative to traditional braces that we think your teen will love. Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are a removable alternative to metal braces. Dr. Varble offers Invisalign as a more discreet and comfortable treatment option for teens. With his innovative Invisalign treatment options, your teen can achieve their best smile 50% faster than with traditional braces. 

On top of cutting your treatment time in half, Invisalign clear aligners are also more comfortable. These aligners are flexible, removable and almost invisible. Because they are removable, no foods are off limits during treatment. Simply take the trays out, eat, brush and replace. Invisalign removable trays also remove the oral hygiene challenges experienced with traditional braces. Just remove the trays, floss and brush, then replace the trays. Your teen will love having the ability to remove their trays before a big social or sports event.

In Smiles We Trust

Be Picture Perfect Ready With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Dr. Varble and his team want to find the most comfortable treatment option for every patient. Teens love the flexibility they have with Invisalign removable aligners. A more convenient, comfortable and virtually invisible treatment? Invisalign is perfect for transforming your smile with ease.

Less Discomfort During Treatment

Invisalign trays apply calculated pressure to each tooth, making them less painful than traditional braces.

Results in Half the Time

Because aligners work together and apply pressure to the teeth as a whole, they work much faster than traditional braces.

Removable, Discreet Trays

The invisible, removable trays allow teens to feel more confident during treatment and give them the freedom to take them out whenever they need.

In addition to Invisalign, we offer a wide variety of customized clear aligner options in our office that are tailored to your specific treatment goals. Does Invisalign sound like the right option for you? Call our office today and set up your consultation appointment. We will have you on your way to a new smile in no time.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Varble!

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Varble and his staff. He is professional and answered all of our questions. He spoke to us, but more important, he spoke to our daughter. He made her comfortable and for that, I am most grateful.


Invisalign for Teens FAQ

Answering Your Questions from A to Z

Each treatment plan and timeline is unique, but Invisalign can help you reach your best smile up to 50% faster than braces.

Yes! You can take your trays out to eat, drink and if you need to for a social or sporting event. Try to wear your trays for about 22 hours each day.

Your trays might take some getting used to, but overall they are pretty painless.

If you lose a tray, contact Dr. Varble and he will get you a replacement tray.

The cost of Invisalign will depend on your treatment plan and insurance coverage. Dr. Varble and his team will discuss the cost with you during your consolation.

Your First Appointment is On Us

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