Treatment Options for Adults

The landscape of orthodontics is changing in that more adults are choosing to seek treatment.

Adult patients fall into two groups. We have adults that never had the luxury of having orthodontic treatment when they were young and now would like to have their bite and smile improved. We also have adults that had orthodontic treatment when they were in their teens but teeth have shifted and now they are ready to move the teeth back to the ideal positions.

Most adults come to our office seeking an esthetic change, but discover that they could also benefit from bite improvement.

Many adults are seeking healthy improvements in their lives as part of a larger overall health consciousness. Exercise memberships, spa treatments, healthy home delivery meal plans all have become large growth industries. For many, orthodontic treatment is seen as a natural extension of this overall health improvement movement.

Why should I pursue orthodontics as an adult?

  • Improved health – Proper tooth alignment and function should be part of your overall health regime. Ideal tooth alignment improves the ability to clean and maintain your teeth preventing gum disease and preventing the negative systemic health effects associated with it. Poor bite function can be a contributing factor in temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).
  • Improved smile esthetics – Esthetics are always subjective. What one person finds appealing another may not. We find many adults seeking orthodontic treatment to improve tooth alignment as a way to improve the esthetics of their smile.
  • Adult focused treatment options – We focus our adult orthodontic care on the goal of the patient. Whether you want an ideal bite or a single tooth moved we have treatment options to fit your specific goals. We offer clear braces options that are less noticeable than traditional metal braces as well as clear aligner treatment. Either option provides our adult patients more discreet orthodontic experience.

What types of esthetic orthodontic treatments do you offer?

Empower Clear

Most orthodontic brackets used are traditional brackets where a rubber or wire ligature is used to hold the wire in the bracket. This is where the colors come from on the brackets. This is also where parents remember “tightening” of the braces with a twisting motion.

Our brackets are called self-ligating (SL) brackets. SL brackets eliminate the need for a rubber or wire ligature by replacing them with a door on the bracket. Traditional brackets forced the orthodontist to see patients often to change the rubber ties to ensure tooth movement. The door on self-ligating brackets allows for more precise tooth movements and less frequent appointments. The SL brackets are also smaller and therefore more comfortable and easier to clean. Clear SL brackets are also more esthetic than traditional clear brackets and eliminate the need for clear ligatures that can stain and discolor between appointments.

Empower2 Clear braces

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a removable alternative to traditional braces orthodontics. They work by moving teeth with a series of plastic trays. These trays are changed on a weekly basis as the movement progresses. Not every patient is a candidate for clear aligner treatment. Dr. Varble will let you know in the consultation appointment if clear aligners are a good option. We offer many options when it comes to clear aligners. You may have heard of Invisalign, the most widely known clear aligner treatment. Dr. Varble is a certified Invisalign provider for adults. In addition to Invisalign, we offer a wide variety of customized clear aligner options in our office that are tailored to your specific treatment goals.

clear aligners


Aligner Simulation Before


Aligner Simulation After

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