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At-Home Dental Monitoring

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Virtual Orthodontic Care

Bringing Your Treatment into the Comfort of Your Own Home

What if you had the ability to straighten your teeth, update your orthodontist on your progress and reach treatment milestones without ever leaving your house? With Dr. Varble and his team, this is a reality! At Varble Orthodontics, we  use cutting-edge technology known as Dental Monitoring to virtually track the progress of our patients. With the Dental Monitoring scan box and smartphone app, you can submit photos of your progress so Dr. Varble can remotely monitor your treatment.

Dr. Varble uses the Dental Monitoring system to simplify the treatment process for his patients. Using Dental Monitoring to take digital scans from your own home limits the number of office visits you have to make, without affecting the efficiency of your treatment progress. With this seamless treatment tool, all patients have to do is download the app, take a smiling selfie every week and check your inbox for direction from Dr. Varble.

Orthodontic Treatment Your Way

Dr. Varble wants every patient to achieve their best smile, and doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the benefits of orthodontics because of a busy schedule. Dr. Varble and Dental Monitoring help patients improve their smiles with treatment that fits into their lifestyle.

Fewer Appointments

With Dental Monitoring, you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair and more time doing what is most important to you!

Visualize Results

Each time you upload a photo of your smile, the Dental Monitoring app creates a new timelapse video to showcase your treatment progress.

Talk with Experts

The Dental Monitoring app allows you to ask questions through their messaging feature and allows Dr. Varble to respond to those questions.

Everything went perfectly!

I went here to get Invisalign and from the first appointment to the last everything went perfectly. The staff is great. The scheduling was easy. I was in and out quickly with each visit. Highly recommended!

Gregory C.

Dental Monitoring FAQ

Answering Your Dental Monitoring Questions

Dr. Varble will send you an activation email as soon as your treatment starts and you can download the app for free from your smartphone’s app store.

You will receive a scan box, a cheek retractor, a mesh bag and access to several video tutorials in your Dental Monitoring Kit.

Dr. Varble will let you know when to send in your first scan, and the app will send you a push notification each time you need to take a new scan.

Simply insert your phone into the scan box and attach it to your cheek retractors, then follow the audible steps displayed on your screen to take photos of your smile and then submit the scan to Dr. Varble.

Dental Monitoring works with almost all smartphone, with a minimum of Android 5 (with flash) or iOS 10. Make sure you take your case off your smartphone when you take a digital scan.

Your First Appointment is On Us

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